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Jennifer Fischer

I was AMAZED at the first time I used Miracle Skin Transformer's product. It instantly evens out the red zones on my cheeks and gave me a luminous glow all day. And, I do not have to reapply powder as often during the day at the office. It's fantastic! Not sure what I did before this product! - Jennifer Fisher


Carolyn Everson

"I was stunned by how much I love Miracle Skin Transformer. It goes on light as a feather, you don't even need a mirror and for busy women executives, this is a must have in your bag to quickly freshen up without ANY fuss. My skin looks entirely different." - Carolyn Everson, President of Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook


Jennifer Gilbert

"I love having one stop shopping and not having to deal with 3 steps is perfect for me. I can reapply whenever I need to which is perfect for my lifestyle. The texture is amazing!!" - Jennifer Gilbert, Author and President & Chief Visionary Officer of Save the Date



Mark Langrish

"I love how this makes my skin feel softer and look healthier and makes me look YOUNGER!!" - Mark Langrish, Leading PR Executive


Anne Marie Guarnie

"Testing Miracle Skin Transformer's concealer. Impressed with it! Serious coverage but no feathering. Light, smooth, stays put." - Anne Marie Guarnier, Senior Editor of Allure Magazine


Amy Davidson

"Another favorite is Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20 & Treat and Conceal! These products have a silky finish & my skin feels so hydrated!" - Amy Davidson, Actress


Lacey Chabert

"I love it! It's one of the easiest products to apply and looks completely natural. Love it!" - Lacey Chabert, Actress


Holly Carter

"Miracle Skin Transformer costs $48 online and conceals, gets rid of redness and minimizes pores all at the same time." - Holly Carter, Beauty Director of People StyleWatch


Bobbie Thomas

"Miracle Skin Transformer is another fantastic product that can help you streamline your skincare regimen, offering hydration, a priming base, a hint of color tint and SPF, just to name a few of its benefits" - Bobbie Thomas, Style Editor for NBC's Today Show



Michelle Phillips

"...A revolution in skin care. Capable of uniquely delivering a 5 in 1 solution in just one simple step, Miracle Skin Transformer can treat your skin to a flawless, healthy, airbrushed quality" - Michelle Phillips, Celebrity Makeup Artist & Life Coach



Sarah Michelle Gellar

"MST is amazing!" - Sarah Michelle Gellar, Actress


Gwyneth Paltrow

"This product is supposed to do exactly what it says, providing antioxidants that hydrate and protect the skin" - Gwyneth Paltrow, Actress



Erin Sharoni

"Hold on! I can get the same effects that I get when I am literally getting airbrushed in the studio for television and I can walk around like that? And it has SPF and anti aging properties? You can’t get any better than that!" - Erin Sharoni, CNBC Sports Biz Co-Host, Model/Actress



Angie Everhart

"Well you see, I've tried just about every product in the world...I've been in this business for a very long time. I have a 2-year old son...he takes a lot of my time and so does my job, so between the two I want something that is fast and easy and is going to make me look beautiful. With Miracle Skin Transformer, I'm transformed and I'm out the door!" - Angie Everhart, Actress & Model


Amy Morrison

"I wear the Face product in Tan every single day. The Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal is the best concealer, period!" - Amy Morrison, Home Shopping Network Host, Host of the Beauty Report


Nurse Jamie Sherrill

"As a nurse & a medical spa owner, I see many women who cake on layers of makeup, which causes their skin to be unhealthy and have layers of problems...From a medical standpoint I love this product because it covers without buildup. It allows your skin to breathe which is so important to the health of your skin." - Nurse Jamie Sherrill, Celebrity Skin Care Specialist


Kelly Osbourne

"I love Miracle Skin Transformer!" - Kelly Osbourne, Fashion Designer, Singer and Actress 


Charlotte Ronson

MST sponsored the Charlotte Ronson Fashion Show for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week - Charlotte Ronson, Fashion Designer


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